Lawrence is a curious cat.

He enjoys the movement arts, transpersonal psychology, systems, metaphor, tinkering, meditation, & free association.

As a full-stack web & mobile software engineer, he has worked professionally with client- and server-side Javascript, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, & Java. He is currently working full-time with MakerDAO.

His past work includes: Hylo (open-source), Soma Water, Changemakrs, Lumosity, SkillSlate, Christie's (iOS), Panther Express CDN.

@levity on Twitter


  • Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos.
    The Ecstasy of Influence Jonathan Lethem
  • It is the landscape of your own strengths that matters. And you can set your own, completely human pace through it.
    The Calculus of Grit Venkatesh Rao
  • I can’t tell you how it feels to see the world as a torrent of bright sparks rushing towards darkness, but that’s the gift of my vision.
    Skull Cults: The Only Sound Foundation for a Modern Economic Geography Vinay Gupta
  • You must depend upon
    affection, reading, knowledge,
    skill—more of each
    than you have—inspiration,
    work, growing older, patience,
    for patience joins time
    to eternity.
    How To Be a Poet Wendell Berry

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