Lawrence is a curious cat.

He enjoys dance, bikes, transpersonal psychology, systems, metaphor, tinkering, meditation, & free association.

He's a full-stack web & mobile software engineer, currently working on Hylo (an open-source project). He has worked professionally with client- and server-side Javascript, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, & Java. His past work includes: Soma Water, Changemakrs, Lumosity, SkillSlate, Christie's (iOS), Panther Express CDN.

@levity on Twitter


  • It is the landscape of your own strengths that matters. And you can set your own, completely human pace through it.
    The Calculus of Grit Venkatesh Rao
  • Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos.
    The Ecstasy of Influence Jonathan Lethem
  • That girl had been trying to cope with a theophany; she had looked at me and seen a god. A particular god.
    Dancing With the Gods Eric S. Raymond
  • I can’t tell you how it feels to see the world as a torrent of bright sparks rushing towards darkness, but that’s the gift of my vision.
    Skull Cults: The Only Sound Foundation for a Modern Economic Geography Vinay Gupta
  • You must depend upon
    affection, reading, knowledge,
    skill—more of each
    than you have—inspiration,
    work, growing older, patience,
    for patience joins time
    to eternity.
    How To Be a Poet Wendell Berry

I'm an infant. A little one. Blathering and making noises. Infatuated with all the simple things. Because none of them are really simple. All endlessly unfold into more and more detail, each with its own patterns & patterns of patterns.

In this vividly unpetalling dance, one has the sense of being totally enmeshed in a performance with infinitely many curtains behind which are waiting, in the wings, infinitely many as-yet unknown performers. This astonishment is actually, truly always present; it is the bedrock, the gaping void beneath the precipice, the space between thoughts. It waits and waits and hears in the pumping of each heart the echo of the dream it is birthing into a future.

Off its myriad facets sliding into shadow we tumble and play, tumble and play on, play harder, play for the sake of virtuosity, for freedom, for release from pain, for communion with that which was forgotten, that which was so, so loved and truly never lost-- we ask: will you be here with me? will you be here with me? will you be here with me? So much beauty is here in every moment, and I am dying! Do not forget me! Be with me!

Ages of yearning forged into a laser beam, a blinding wave that shouts "me", sweeping across light-eons of space, reshaping it in our image...

That space--one space--
our one space which is empty and yet full--
a full, warm embrace

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